Appalachian Mt Club: Catfish Pond

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Catfish Pond is located within the Appalachian Mountain Clubs Mohican Outdoor Center. The pond is in the shape of a mitt and sits in the Kittatiny Mountain Range which is part of the Delaware National Recreation Area. The boat launch is flat making kayak entry to the water very easy. Paddling around the western end of the pond the shoreline stretches out into a rocky peninsula that reaches into the clear water where water plants break the surface. Kayaking your way around the northern shore of the pond you’ll notice the steep rocky shoreline. Kayaking past the boulders you will notice a sign which declares the sight a designated protected rattlesnake habitat so as you paddle by keep and eye out to see if you can spot one on the rocks. The northern end of the pond widens a bit where several beaver lodges can be seen. Paddling your kayak along the southern shore you pass the Outdoor center where canoe and kayaks can be rented. Camping is also available along with plenty of hiking opportunities. Catfish Pond is a great place for your next kayaking trip in the Kittatiny Mountain Rage.


First time paddling at the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Mohican Outdoor Center in Millbrook NJ. Nice small 35 acre body of water surrounded by the 15,000 acre Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Beauty of a spot!