Lake Aeroflex

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Lake Aeroflex is located in Andover NJ Sussex County. It is the deepest natural glacial lake in New Jersey. Its deepest point is 110 feet. At the southern end sits the Aeroflex-Andover airport. There is a great boat launch that is nice and gradual making kayak access very easy. The lake is part of the Kittatiny Vally State Park which has a vast network of hiking trails to explore with some stretching up the western shore of the lake. I like to paddle in the summer months and just sit in my kayak in the middle of the lake and watch the planes practice landing and taking off. The lake also is a good fishing destination. In 2014 the lake was stocked with Land Locked Salmon. The northern end are the head waters of Lake Aeroflex which come from Lake Illith. Kayaking the narrow waterway that connects the two bodies of water is a great kayaking adventure. During the summer months the narrow waterway clogs with lily pads and can be tricky to paddle. Lake Aeroflex is a great spot for your first kayaking trip.


Fall is quickly approaching as evidence of the changing leaves along the shores of Lake Aeroflex in Andover NJ. Was a overcast day to be on the water. The breeze was kicking up as well. Lake Aeroflex is a great place to paddle. There is a great boat launch. The water is so clear. Lake Aeroflex is a fantastic spot to go for the beginner paddler.


Went out for a late afternoon paddle on Lake Aeroflex. It is the only deep water glacial lake in NJ. It was recently stocked with land locked Salmon. Very windy afternoon on the lake but not many people on it so it felt like I had the water to myself. Good to get out on the water for a paddle.


Headed out for a paddle trip on Lake Aeroflex. There was a Osprey flying around the boat launch and it landed in a tree…unfortunately my camera does not have a very powerful zoom but was able to capture it’s image-just not a lot of detail. Another paddler was coming in as I was going out and he was quite excited about the flying bird as well. Ventured to the Northern End of the lake and up the narrow tributary that flows into the lake. Made it all the way to the through just shy of getting to Lake Illith…a pesky Canada Goose blocked me from getting all the way to the lake. Great day on Lake Aeroflex.


Great day on Lake Aeroflex in Andover NJ. Plenty of experiences – planes taking off over head, close encounters with cormorants and an adventure up the northern end of the lakes marshy creek.


Went out for a birthday paddle on Lake Aeroflex. Nice quiet lake with crystal clear water. Threat of thunderstorms all day but luckily they held off for my paddle.


Early spring trip on Lake Aeroflex