Lake Musconetcong

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Lake Musconetcong is located in Netcong NJ. Lake Musconetcong is a great place for a beginner kayaker to go for there first trip. The lake is 328 acres and sits a few miles south of Lake Hopatcong. The boat launch is nice and flat making launching your kayak easy. Lake Musconetcong is not as crowded as Lake Hopatcong which makes it a very relaxing place to paddle. There are sections of the lake that do not have any houses on it. There is an island in the middle of the lake and a sand bar on the eastern shore. The lake has been invaded by the dreaded water chestnut so make sure kayak boat doesn’t have any passengers when leaving this lake.


Kayak NJ Lake Musconetcong
Beauty of a day and headed out on Lake Musconetcong.
At the northern end of the lake there must have been almost 40 swans hanging out also saw a few pairs scattered around the lake as well. There is a pretty cool island in the center of the lake as well. On the eastern shore of the lake there is a sandbar that is marked by buoys and red and green pilings.


Windy day of paddling on Lake Musconetcong.