Merrill Creek Reservoir

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Merrill Creek Reservoir is a 650 acre body of water located in Stewartsville NJ. There is a nice boat launch which makes it easy to access the reservoir with your kayak. There are several drowned tree forests around the reservoir which makes for a unique paddling experience. There is a pair of nesting Bald Eagles in residence on the reservoir as well. Fishing is good on the reservoir. Motor boats are allowed on the reservoir. It can get windy on the water. There are lights on towers that light up when winds become 25 mph or more and all boats must get off the reservoir. There are also trails that surround the reservoir for hiking. Bird watching is also very good around the reservoir. Merrill Creek Reservoir can be a tricky place to paddle but offers so much to see and experience making it a must for your next kayaking trip.


Fantastic conditions for paddling on the reservoir. Encountered an abundance of wildlife on land in the air and under the water. I came across a doe and her fawn feeding on the waters edge. I encountered two great blue herons. One flew over head like a pterodactyl. I came upon another roosting in a drowned tree-which you can hear it whooping at me in the video. There is a pair of nesting eagles on the western shore of the reservoir. The area is marked by buoys in the water where visitors are not permitted. Heading south past the nesting area I spotted one of the eagles resting in a tree on the shore. Got to watch it for a few minutes then it flew away. In the second drowned tree “forest” I encountered a curious school of fish that swam right up to my boat to check me out…got some good footage of that as well. Once again another memorable trip to Merrill Creek Reservoir.


An incredible paddle on Merril Creek Reservoir in Stewartsville NJ. Saw lots of deer along the waters edge. Came across the bleached bones of what I think might be a bird. Spotted one of the pair of nesting eagles witch was a thrill. Discovered a tree with a heart and a rock that had a man climbing it sculpted into it-at least that what it looked like to me-let me know what you think.


This is a great place to Paddle. The day I was there it was a perfect warm sunny June day with a light breeze. There are some unique highlights of the reservoir like the drowned trees that shoot out of the water and what I call stump beach where the stumps of trees look as if they are walking out of the water. There is a great deal of wildlife as well with some nesting bald eagles. Merril Creek is a great experience for any paddler.