Splitrock Reservoir

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Split Rock Reservoir is located in Rockaway NJ and is 625 acres of paddling heaven-for NJ. There are no houses on the reservoir and electric motorboats only which make for an extremely peaceful kayaking experience. The launch sight is a bit sketchy for getting your kayak to the water as it is a steep path to the boulder lined water. The parking lot and launch can be crowded on weekends but once you get on the water the crowds disperse and thin out. There are several islands that dot the reservoir to explore. The shore line is very diverse with boulders that seam to spill into the water and wooded forest that creep right to the shore line. There are hiking trails that extend around the reservoir as well as good fishing. Splitrock Reservoir is a destination must for your next kayaking trip.


I try to get to Splitrock at least once a year. On this trip I discovered that the Dam that supports the road to the launch sight was being rebuilt. Access was denied. I decided to park my truck before the dam and bushwack it to the waters edge. While paddling across the reservoir I came upon some fellow paddlers who informed me that there is no parking on the side of the dam I was on and that local police are ticketing cars parked there-They said a ticket is $135. I crossed my fingers and hoped I would not find a ticket and upon my return was pleased to find none.


Because of the work on the dam the water level was dropped significantly which added to my experience. The reservoir did not look at all like the same place I had paddled before. All along the shore line you could see where the former water level was. Islands shot out for the middle of the body of water and where former islands were now connected to the main shore line. Logs and rocks dotted throughout the reservoir. I saw plenty of turtles and fish in the shallows as well as herons snowy egrets and other birds. It was a great visit to Splitrock Reservoir.


Paddle on Splitrock Reservoir. Guide books call this a gem in Northern New Jersey and they are right. When paddling on this body of water you really feel like you are out in the middle of no where. There are lots of islands and coves to explore. There are numerous rock formations throughout the reservoir . I paddle by one that is about 2 stories high. In Part II if you look closely you can see a bunch of people standing on top building the nerve to jump. The put in is a little tricky-steep and narrow. Weekends are crowded but once you get out on the water they disperse and you feel like you are the only one out there. It truly is a gem of Northern New Jersey.


Second part to my Splitrock Reservoir trip. Truly a paddling gem in Northern New Jersey. Check out the rock face that I paddle by-I’d say it’s about 2 stories high. If you look closely enough you can see a bunch of people standing on top building up the nerve to jump. Great place to paddle in Northern New Jersey.