Spruce Run Reservoir

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Spruce Run Reservoir is a 1300 acre body of water located in Clinton NJ Hunterdon County. Its part of Spruce Run State Park. In season there is a fee to enter the park. Off season there is no fee. Spruce Run has a great car top boat launch that makes getting your kayak to the water very easy. Motor boats are permitted on the reservoir which can make for tricky paddling conditions. There are lots of coves and 15 miles of shore line to explore in your kayak. Winds can pick up on this large body of water making for dangerous paddling conditions. There are warning signalling towers on the reservoir that light up when conditions get to dangerous and boats must evacuate the waters. The Clinton Wildlife Management area and Spruce Run State Park have between them almost 3 thousand acres of undisturbed forest for hiking and wildlife viewing. I suggest planning your kayak trip to the reservoir during its off season to avoid the crowds during the summer months.


I’ve heard about Spruce Run since I was a kid. It’s known for its fishing. This was my first time paddling here. Wasn’t much water in the reservoir. Had to walk 20 yds to get to the water and when I finally reached the water it was very muddy. Some fellow paddlers had a more difficult time putting in a few hundred yards up from where I did. They sunk to there ankles in mud.Saw plenty of sea gulls and cormorants as well as snowy egrets and great blue herons. Even saw some fish in the shallows. Conditions were perfect for paddling. A great day at Spruce Run. Can’t wait to paddle there with more water in it.