Tilcon Lake

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Tilcon Lake Photo Galley


Tilcon Lake located in Mt. Olive NJ and was once a small pond in the middle of a sand and gravel pit. Several severe storms flooded the Musconetcong river which parallels the area and flooded the pond and created the vast body of water. The deepest point of Tilcon Lake is 50 feet deep. In the spring of 2014 the lake was stocked with landlocked salmon. The lake is a fantastic spot to explore in your kayak as there are many coves and islands including two sunken islands in the middle of the lake. There are hiking trails all around the lake. The lake is also a popular spot for duck hunting in the fall and fishing. Tilcon lake is a great spot for your next kayaking trip


Kayaking NJ’s Tilcon Lake on a late hot August afternoon. Ventured out to Tilcon Lake which lies off of the Musconetocong River. After seeing 2 bear last week on a paddle I was on high alert paddling to Tilcon Lake. Once on the lake conditions were perfect. Venture on shore a little bit to get the view from land. Also explored the submerged island in the middle of the lake. The fish were jumping like crazy for an early evening feed. Another great day on Tilcon Lake.


Got some cool pics of flowers on the river bank. Lucky to get a shot of a very large snapping turtle that was bobbing on the surface of the water in the river overflow near Tilcon Lake. Ventured Tilcon Lake, Not a sole on it. Very cool set of islands to paddle around. The water is so clear on this body of water. Great summer day on the Musky and Tilcon Lake.


Kayaking NJ on the Musconetcong River and adjacent body of water called Tilmans Pond I think. Used to be an old quarry and now is part of the state park system. Great day on the river. Couldn’t ask for better weather. River is running pretty high which makes for good paddling- don’t really bottom out. Quite a few paddlers were out enjoying the holiday weekend on the water.

Great late summer day paddle on the Musconetcong River and adjoining lake. The lake used to be a gravel pit and still has some features from those days including a long pipe that just breaks the surface of the water. There are two gravel and rock islands in the middle of this small lake along with many coves to explore. It is part of the Allamuchy Mountain State Park and is a great place to visit and explore. Saw Great Blue Herons, Turkey Vultures, Canada geese, and plenty of turtles along my paddle. The red wing black birds were also out in force. Another great day on the Musky!