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This is a very cool review of a new battery that lasts up to 7 hours for the GOPRO Hero 3

I got my 40oz. Kleen Kanteen June of 2014 to bring with me on the water. It have been fantastic. I did not get the sport top but will be soon as it is a nice addition. It is very durable. It’s a great product and I highly recommend it

I have been using my Emerson Action Cam for a little over a year. I use this camera for all of my bow shots. I have been very impressed with this camera for the price I paid. I paid less than $50 on Amazon for this camera and it is well worth it for what I use it for. It is what it is…just remember that

I have been using the Kodak Playsport for the last few years and have been very pleased with the results for an inexpensive camera. Unfortunately Kodak is no longer making the camera but if you come across one I would suggest it in heartbeat. I use this camera mainly on my PCB and shots taken from the port or starboard sides of my kayak

I’ve been using this camera for the last few years and have been very pleased with its performance. I use this camera mainly for taking stills

Don Yakel made this great video on buying kayak gear at Walmart

Here’s a video from my friend Guy Tha Lizard

Cool video on accessorizing your kayak by East Coast Kayaking

I use these mounts on my Kayak and love them. They work great!

The PCB is a great addition to your camera mounting system. I have one and it gives me many great camera angle options

I use this paddle and love it for its light weight and durability. It’s a great rec paddle