Black River

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The Black River is 12 miles long and starts in Randolph NJ. After a mile it enters the Black River Wildlife Management Area where the river becomes marshy and opens to several hundred yards in spots. Through the wildlife management area the Black River winds back and forth through tall reeds and grasses. There are numerous hiking trails that line the river. During the fall and winter the area is a popular area for duck hunting as well as turkey and deer hunting. In the spring guns are swapped out for binoculars for excellent bird watching opportunities. The state also stocks the Black River with trout. The river also holds native species of fish as well making it a great destination for anglers. The spring is a great time to explore the Black River by kayak as the waters run high from the winter run off. During the summer months the river depth drops and can make for challenging paddling conditions. The Black River makes for an enjoyable kayaking trip just be aware that there are many switchbacks and deviations from the main river that can get a paddler on the wrong track and lost for hours.

First time paddling on the Black River. Put in on the Pleasant Hill Road bridge. Went down stream for as far as I could…construction prevented from going any farther. Headed back upstream to an incredible series of switch backs through very marshy vegetation. Tons of birds…especially red-wing black birds. Spotted a Pileated Woodpecker fly across the river. Very quiet and peaceful. The river was very narrow. I paddled as far as I could upstream until the river narrowed to almost the width of my boat so I decided this would be a good turning point. Next time I’ll get a better jump on the day and explore even farther up stream. For a first trip it was a good one and a place I will continue to explore.

Check out for the footage from the camera buddy.
Beautiful sunny day to try out for my friend and inventor Will Jimeno of the Personal Camera Buddy. Its a great camera mount to capture all of those adventures we all go on.

The Personal Camera Buddy is attached to a harness that fits securely under your life vest without any hindrance. I didn’t even notice it under my vest. The flexible arm came be placed anywhere easily and does not get in the way of paddle strokes. It is a great product. Check them out on face book and there web sight WWW.PERSONALCAMERABUDDY.COM.

Check out for the footage from the Camera Buddy.
Headed back to the Black River to get some better footage with the Personal Camera Buddy for my friend and inventor of the PCB Will Jimeno. The unit takes a little getting used to but is really fantastic. Ventured south on the Black River below the Rt. 206 bridge but before that went under another bridge that only had a few inches of clearance with me almost laying flat on the bottom of my boat. Went as far as I could before the river became over grown and hard to follow which I heard happens in this river. Getting late in the day so I decided to return back upstream to the take out but not before collecting some trash along the way. Around the bridges was where I found trash. Folks driving along heaving there cups and HAPPY MEAL containers out the window and into the river. REMEMBER: PICK IT UP AND PACK IT OUT!