Musconetcong River Pictures

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Waterloo Lake looking at the buildings of the village
Winter Sunset 2013
White Lily Flower with Boat- Summer 2014
White Lily Flower- July 2014
October 2014 Sunset Paddle
Summer Paddle 2014
Saxon Lake 2014
Reflection I October 2014
Pileated Woodpecker flying June 2014
Spider catches a ride on my camera
Approaching Rock December 2013
Hardware in rock December 2013
Osprey flying overhead
Huge Snapping Turtle on log
…Just before sliding into the river
Fall Sunset Paddle 2014
Evening Paddle Reflection Summer 2014
River Flower Spring 2014
Continental Dr Bridge Spring 2014
Waterloo Village Building Summer 2013
Into the Lily Pads- June 2014
Remnants of an old stone train trestle
Catching a ride on my hat
The Longhouse at Waterloo Village
Into the Sun Winter 2015
Frog Summer 2013
Looking back at Winter Sunset
The Gathering
Spring Flora
Heron on bank
Heron flying off
Bee on flower
Misty winter paddling December 2013
Critter on water fauna Summer 2014
Birds on limb in middle of river Summer 2014
Bear on edge of river August 2014
Bear swimming to shore August 2014
Swan flying in winter 2014
Abandoned house on Waterloo Lake April 2014
Paddling among the ice Winter 2015
Swan flying Winter 2014
Winter Tree 2013
Muskrat on ice Winter 2014
River Flora II Summer 2013
Reflections III Summer 2014
Mill at Waterloo Village Spring 2013
Two Geese and goslings June 2013
Critter catching a ride! Spring 2013
Picking It Up! 2014
Pair of Swans Spring 2014
Falling leaves Fall 2014<

Critter on water fauna June 2013
River Flowers Summer 2013
Fall Paddle October 2014
September Reflections 2014
Snow on the river Fall 2014
Sharing Spring 2014
Snow on the river Fall 2014
Dragonflies June 2014