Little Swartswood Lake

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Little Swartswood Lake Photo Gallery

Little Swartswood Lake is a 200 acre glacial lake located to the north of Swartswood Lake. A narrow causeway separates the two lakes and is not navigable by kayak. Little Swartswood Lake is a great place to take a beginner paddler. There is a nice boat launch that looks out on the lake and makes for an easy launch of your kayak. There is plenty of bird watching and fishing opportunity while paddling on the water. There is a pair of nesting eagles on the eastern shore of the lake. Little Swartswood Lake is a great place to visit for your next kayaking trip.

Kayaking NJ’s Little Swartswood Lake for the first time. Directly opposite of the boat launch on the far side of the lake there is a nesting pair of eagles. As I started out on the lake I heard the unforgettable screech of an eagle and caught a glimpse of that unmistakable dark body with the white head and tail…always exciting to see. There were also a pair of swans and snowy egrets as well. I ventured down a lilly pad filled branch off of the lake and as I reached the end that drains into Big Swartswood Lake an Owl silently glided across the water and into a tree a short distance away. I was amazed by how clear the water is. Little Swartswood Lake is a great place to explore for a nice afternoon paddle.