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Swartswood Lakeis located in Swartswood NJ, Sussex County. The lake is 500 acres of coves, peninsulas and islands of prime kayaking to explore. The eastern shore of the lake is located within Swartswood State Park. There are several boat launch sights making it easy to get your kayak to the water. Picnicking, camping, playgrounds and swimming are available at the park as well as boat rentals. There is a fee during the summer months to get into the park. Winds can pick up on the lake so be aware of the weather and your surroundings when planning your kayaking trip to Swartswood Lake.

First Paddle trip to Swartswood Lake. Beautiful lake in Swartswood NJ. Swartswood State Park -which is the first state park in NJ- covers the Northern end of the lake. Lots of swans, ducks, cormorants, and Canada geese. Saw an Osprey which hovered over my boat for a few seconds as if checking me out. Great day on the water. Warm with a nice breeze. Great spot to paddle. The houses on the lake are sparse and the shore line has been kept in quite its natural state which is nice to see. There are some easy access points around the lake which makes it a fantastic paddling spot. Lots of coves and natural shore line to explore as well as a few islands too. On this day it was just me and a pontoon boat-with electric motor on it (electric motors only) which really made for great paddling conditions. Will be a place I will check out again and again. I want to check out Little Swartswood Lake.