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White Lake is located in Squires Corners NJ and is 70 acres. It’s average depth is 22 feet of crystal clear water. The bottom is streaked in white known as marl,prehistoric deposits of aquatic shells which gives the experience of paddling in the Caribbean. The lake has a great boat launch making this a great spot for first time paddlers to launch their kayak. The lake is surrounded by the White Lake Wildlife Management Area with a 3 mile hiking trail. White Lake is also a good fishing spot as well.

Paddling White Lake on a beauty early fall day. The trees are beginning to change in Western NJ. Bit of a breeze on the water. Had the lake to myself…one of the advantages of paddling during the week. Wanted to use my PCB on this lake as the water is so clear and I’m pretty pleased with the results. Unfortunately not a lot of fish or turtles spotted on this trip. White Lake is certainly a great spot to check out.

Kayaking NJ’s White Lake in Squires Corners just outside Blairstown NJ in Warren County.
It’s an amazing place. It’s 665 acres of crystal clear water with white streaks going across the bottom of the lake. This is marl, prehistoric deposits of aquatic shells. Very cool place to paddle. Great fishing as well. Saw many fish through the clear waters. Even came upon a snapping turtle. Beauty of a day paddling on White Lake.

After picking up some fresh produce and baked goods from the Blairstown Farmers Market I headed the short distance to White Lake for an early afternoon paddle. Bright sunshine, warm breeze and calm waters led to a great day on this little gem of a lake. The waters are crystal clear and wildlife abounds. Encountered a Cormorant and Great Blue heron. Turkey buzzards rode the air thermals seeking their next meal. There were a few fishermen on the lake trying there luck as well. Trails run around the lake for the hiking enthusiast. There is something for everyone at White lake.

First time paddling White Lake, Squires Corners NJ. I was amazed at this little lake. The water was crystal clear with the whitest bottom I’ve ever seen in Northern NJ. I felt like I was paddling in the Caribbean. The entire lake is surrounded by a 665 acre wild life preserve. This makes for a nice quiet paddling experience.