Shitz Creek

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Shitz Creek is an interesting arm off of the Musconetcong River. I am not sure of the area’s official name but a good friend of mine who has been hunting and fishing the Musky for a long time tells me that Schitz Creek is what they have been calling this stretch for as long as he could remember. Schitz Creek if paddling up stream on the Musky from the Lock keepers house boat launch is about a mile upstream on your right. It is only 15 feet wide with a deep channel running down the middle. After kayaking the channel for about a hundred yards it opens into several open water areas-prime area for flocks of ducks and other water fowl and herons. Old duck blinds line the shore- some are still used today. You can navigate your kayak back through a series of channels and open water areas for a mile or so. During the summer months the water gets to be only several inches in spots and over grown with various water plants making paddling a bit of a challenge. One of the great things about a kayak is that it only needs a few inches of water to navigate. This allows the paddler opportunities to explore areas that are hard to get to and feel as remote as you can get in Northwestern New Jersey. In the fall duck hunters take over the reedy areas on the Musky and Schitz Creek. Along with great hunting opportunities the area offers great hiking and fishing as well as fantastic birdwatching during the spring and fall. I have found the spring to be a fantastic time to plan a kayaking trip to explore this hidden gem on the Musky.

Kayaking NJ Shitz Creek on the Musky
Ventured up Shitz Creek to see what it’s like during the summer months. Very overgrown but does open up in spots. Saw plenty of Green and Blue Herons. The fish were jumping like crazy. Snapped a pic of some young fish. Great adventure paddling Shitz Creek on the Musky.